Second Graders at Sacred Heart Chicago Skype with pen pals in India

May 22, 2012


A huge thank you to Sacred Heart Chicago for opening their doors and their hearts to the children of LIFT. The second grade students at Sacred Heart experienced their first Skype session with their pen pals from India Monday, May 21. The students were excited to see their pals on screen as they played “Simon Says” and asked each other questions about their families and days. The session ended with the children of LIFT teaching the children in Chicago a traditional dance, and lots of LOUD goodbyes!

The second grade has exchanged two rounds of letters with India, and they eagerly await the arrival of the return letters as they are filled with beautiful artwork and fanciful writing. “This is just another small way we try to learn from others and open our hearts and minds to differences,” said Jill Renn, 2nd Grade Teacher

Thanks Sacred Heart! We are so thrilled to make this incredible connection!!

(courtesy of Sacred Heart Chicago & LIFT USA)


For more details and photos you can visit the Sacred Heart Website;