“I would not have been able to come up to this level in my education and training in life without the help of LIFT. My father cannot speak or hear; my parents are day laborers earning about $2.00 a day. As days pass by and my parents become older, my whole family will depend on me. Your help makes me and my family respected in the village and well settled in life and in the community.” ~Leo, LIFT Graduate; International Business Student

A HUGE THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING TO EMPOWER THE LIVES OF LIFT STUDENTS. We are grateful to have you as our friend and for your support. Your gifts have made LIFT USA’s mission a reality. With a world in turmoil, we are joyful that we are equipping future leaders with skills needed to drive a peaceful, reasonable, productive, kind world.

The funds you provide empower impoverished elementary through college students in southern India to become their best selves. Students with high potential who would typically be denied schooling due to limited access to resources are provided with a quality education, supplies, housing, solid nutrition, and leadership skills. Your gifts make a difference between a life of poverty and disease and a life of wellness and employment. As a result of your generosity, young students like Barathan, 11 years of age, and Mistica, twelve-years old—both with no parents—have the opportunity to prosper and be substantive members of society.

I couldn’t hold back my tears as our youngest new student, Barathan, was heading into the school hostel with only a small backpack as his entire belongings. He has no father or mother, losing his father to a fatal accident and his mother to deadly breast cancer. As his near and dear ones were reluctant to bring him up, he knocked on LIFT’s door for any hope for his future. Today LIFT IS HIS FAMILY.—Fr. Jamels James, LIFT Co-Founder.

The older students who graduated from the LIFT program are now either in professional positions or in college working toward medical, business, IT, communications, nursing, education, and psychology degrees.

Last year, Martina, Jonisha Mary, and Anusuya entered medical school and are progressing well working toward completion of their programs.

Martina has a goal of opening a free clinic for seniors in her community when her training is completed. Devika and Leo are featured 2023 LIFT students who, despite family poverty and illness, will be graduating from college in their respective fields of IT/Programming and International Business. This is a direct result of your financial help. We and they are grateful to you.

Choose a gifting level. Support the students in their journeys to become their best selves and future leaders.


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$500 One-year tuition at English Speaking School »

$1,500 One-year full scholarship for one student »

$2,500 All students’ uniforms for one year »

$6,000 Four-year scholarship for one student »

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